Barcode Ribbons

We specially designed Thermal Transfer Barcode Printer Ribbons to optimize print performance and increase the efficiency of Barcode Printer.Thermal transfer ribbons are available in a range of different sizes & materials and are suitable for all common thermal transfer printers.

1. Our Resin Ribbon is suitable for extreme conditions such as asset labelling due to the unique resistance to most solvents including perfumes, oils, fats, etc.
2. Our Wax-Resin Ribbon contains some wax, which enables it to be resistant to some solvents.
3. Our Wax Ribbon is a low-cost solution for rough surface printing.
4. Our Wash Care Ribbonsare scratch and heat resistant and gives durable wash care instructions on taffeta and satin.

Our Ribbons also come in a variety of colours to match industries media application needs.