Customize Software Development

Aarm Technologies is a manufacturer And Supplier of a Custom Software Development includes Customized Desktop Software, RFID based customized software, barcode based customized software, customized mobile application, customized android application, web based software developers, mobile application developers, desktop software developers, custom software for warehousing, custom software for inventory.

Custom Software helps in serving unique processes of your business, solves specific problems, exclusive needs are satisfied, and workflows are made more efficient, faster and easier. Also,flexibility is increased, Information security risks are minimized & support and maintenance are tailor made.

Customized software we develop:

  • Web Applications

Customized application works seamlessly across all the browsers and perfect UX with a logical design and mobile adaptation.

  • Mobile Applications

Native mobile apps for Android, Windows & iOS. Also, we develop cross platform applications to support your web app or optimised as a different solution with their own backend (PHP, .NET, JAVA)

  • Desktop Applications

We can develop OS specific desktop applications (Windows, Linux, Mac). Also, cross platform applications with complete data security, increased performance and efficiency.

  • Real time applications

Customized application that can adopt latest technologies to process real time data like sensor data monitoring, streaming process for IOT applications.



POS Software
Dispatch Control Software
barcode based customized software
Inventory Control System
Warehouse Management System
Assets Management System
RFID Based Customized Software