Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management Solutions helps organizations in reducing carrying costs and wastage of products due to reduce risk of non-usage. Batch level tracking and identification helps in monitoring & reducing pilferage, malpractices and mishandling of material.

Our company designs and develops custom software solutions for the automation and/or optimization of inventory management. The solutions created by our specialists successfully perform the intended functions and help to solve a variety of specific inventory management tasks, including:

real-time inventory tracking
specifying of stocked goods
supply chain control
materials stock and replenishment management
production regulation and planning
lots, serial numbers and barcodes tracking
valuation and pricing (incl. multiple currencies)
quality management, expiry date tracking
items categorization, imaging

1. Supports handheld data collection devices from any manufacturer
2. Supports distribute, return, order, receive, and transfer transactions
3. Provides a flexible reporting mechanism
4. Compatible and easily integrated with other systems
5. inventory control software is browser based and can be used in multiple locations

Batch level Identification is done by Barcoding each SKU.
Barcoding of each location where material is kept for error free tracking of the material
Manual filling up of reports are replaced by Barcode Scanning
Material tracking during inward movement i.e. from production and suppliers and outward movement i.e. to different departments, to customers or for QC
Stock level management using LIFO or FIFO, or any other practice used within the company
Physically counting and manual entry is removed by Cycle Counts using our technology
Re-Order Auto alerts for items nearing stock outs