Pharmaceuticals DGFT

The pharmaceutical industry produces millions of tablets each week, all of which must be carefully scrutinised before being packed and shipped to distributors. Technological advancements open the door to fundamental performance improvements in pharmaceutical manufacturing and hence introducing pharma barcode. The need for process optimization, regulatory compliance, and improvements in the supply chain are driving investment in automation technologies across the pharmaceutical industry. Our Pharma Barcode / RFID solutions keep records of all incoming and distributed batches in system with concerned certificates and other internal quality documents as these documents are critical for healthcare industry.


  • Design labels with various templates and formatting options.
  • Create and verify commonly used barcode types including GS1.
  • Produce supporting single page documents to include when dispatching products.


  • Increase accuracy & provide cost effective benefits.
  • Increase efficiency through automation & Improves workflow.
  • Ensure every transaction is correct and is processed quickly.
  • Fulfil compliance with secure patient information.


  • Weighing & Dispensing.
  • Batch Tracking.
  • Warehouse Management System.
  • Stability Label Printing.