Retail Management software

Globalization in the retailing industry has increased rapidly in terms of sales and supply, the investment in information technology in this sector has increased distinctly. A perfect blend of data control and information as well as market knowledge, is essential to obtain competitive advantages in this sector. Day by day, markets are constantly growing and becoming more complex; the simple retailing process has started to deploy more advanced retail information system in order to cope with the high number of transactions involved. Our Barcode Retail solutions enhance customer service and increase efficiency . Such retail barcode system help retailers to use product and customer data which is collected at the point-of-sale & stock their inventory with the right level.


  • Provides a total solution and cross-selling with a checklist.
  • Can analyse the sales volume of a particular item.
  • Reconcile received stock to on hand easily and quickly.
  • Increase customer service levels with visibility to stock.


  • Increase pricing accuracy.
  • Reduce inventory loss and improve profitability.
  • Shortens long lines & reduces customer wait time.
  • Enhances customer satisfaction.


  • Point of Sales (Invoicing & Billing).
  • Stock & Inventory Management.
  • Price Verification.
  • Gift Registry.
  • Loyalty Cards.